hearthdragon Three Goblin Cats
Three goblins who were turned into cats find their own way in the world they inhabit. They each learn a bit about living as a cat.
H3art4Sal3 Are You An Assassin
What will happen when a very unlucky guy luckily completed a quest that was supposed to be impossible to complete? And what if he deviate from his original class and become a whole different class? And lastly, what if the game they thought was only a game would become the reality they would have never expected??
Qianru Beauty is a Beast
Li Wei came from another world where magic is still greatly used...One day, they stumbled upon a black portal which leads to another world. Just like that, her life in there is just beginning. Cold and Merciless. That's what she is. That was her training mold her. She was a beauty who killed like a beast, killing them without mercy. If death was a girl, it would be her. Even as a kid...
Inserted The Holy Land
Wilhelm Siegfried was a retired special forces soldier. After many years of training and fighting, he had finally decided to retire and live a comfortable life. Alas, his hopes and dreams were crushed when an androgynous fairy transported him, and 1% of humanity to The Holy Land. Follow Wilhelm as he struggles to survive in a world infested with monsters that humans on earth hadn't even dreamt about...